Maharam Tek-Wall® Polyolefin Panel Fabric Color Selection
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Color Selections

Tek-Wall 1001 Milk
Tek-Wall 1001 Angora
Tek-Wall 1001 Bisque
Tek-Wall 1001 Muslin
Tek-Wall 1001 Dove Grey
Tek-Wall 1001 Slope
Tek-Wall 1001 Barley
Tek-Wall 1001 Bouillon
Tek-Wall 1001 Zinc
Tek-Wall 1001 Linen Mist
Tek-Wall 1001 Mintless
Tek-Wall 1001 Brushed Aluminum
Tek-Wall 1001 Buttercreme
Tek-Wall 1001 Biscuit Beige
Tek-Wall 1001 Nougat
Tek-Wall 1001 Pewter
Tek-Wall 1001 Sisal

Products Available (see specifications)

Moduflex® Model 510MD
Moduflex® Model 520
Moduflex® Model 520
Moduflex® Model 540
Moduflex® Pocket Doors
Sonicwal /1212®
Moduflex® Series 400
Moduflex® Model 410MD
Moduflex® Model 410PP
Moduflex® Model 420
Moduflex® Series 600
Moduflex® Model 610MD
Moduflex® Model 610PP
Moduflex® Series 800
Moduflex® Model 640
Moduflex® Model 810MD
Moduflex® Model 810PP
Moduflex® Model 820
Moduflex® Model 840
PrimeSpacer® Series 300
PrimeSpacer® Model 350
PrimeSpacer® Model 360




Tek-Wall® 1000 - Tek-Wall® Laser - Tek-Wall® Herald


Tek-Wall® is easily cleaned using traditional methods such as washing, wiping,

vacuuming, etc., depending upon the extent of soiling. Indelible stains, which are

not usually removable from vinyl and other wallcoverings, can be removed using,

if necessary, undiluted chlorine bleach (Clorox or equivalent), with no deleterious effects.

Teflon® Treatment

Teflon® treatment helps repel dust, soil, water and oil. Airborne dust and soil

won't cling as tightly to the wallcovering, thereby maintaining a fresh,

like-new appearance longer.

Technical information


100% Polyolefin




Teflon® / Acrylic


Class A Flame Spread rated in accordance with ASTM-E84 tunnel test and conforms

with UBC 8-2. Complete test results are available upon request.

*Classification: Flame Spread - 15 / Smoke - 10

*This flammability testing data relates solely to measurement of heat and flame under

controlled laboratory conditions and should not be considered or used for the

description, appraisal or regulation of the fire hazard of materials, products or

system under actual fire conditions.

Tensile/Tear Strength





Tek-Wall® exceeds the ACT Textile Performance Guidelines for wallcoverings.

Tek-Wall® meets the requirements for the San Francisco Bureau of

Building Inspection.

NYC Toxicity/Combustion Law

MEA Approval Numbers are available upon request through Maharam

Technical Services Department.

Memo Samples

Memo samples are available for all our fabrics. We suggest that you obtain a

memo sample of our large scale designs in order to view full pattern effect.

The Tek-Wall® samples represent pattern/color standards. Since no two lots

can be color matched identically, there may be a slight variation at the time of

your order. We will, however, always attempt to ship a satisfactory shipment.

Customer Service

To check stock, reserve fabric, or request memo samples, please call 800.645.3943.

Tek-Wall® is a registered trademark of Maharam Fabric Corporation.

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