Echotex Panel Fabrics

Color Selections

Green Slate Blue
Wilton Blue
Silver Shores
Silvery Moonlight
Abstract Grey

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EchoSorb® Acoustical Panels



100% Polyolefin Acoustcal Panel Fabric Color Selections


The Echotex collection represents a new generation of contemporary woven panel

fabrics for use with EchoSorb® Acoustical Panels. Echotex's woven fabric look in

combination with the scrubbing, wear, and stain resistant chracteristics afforded by

the 100% polyolefin construction makes this a handsome as well as a practical choice.


Echotex panel fabric has been tested for Class A fire hazard classification in accordance

with ASTM E-84 Tennel Test Method (Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials).

*Flame Spread - 10

Smoke Density - 40

*Note: The numerical flame spread rating and other test results referenced herein are

not indended to reflect hazards presented by this or any other materials under actual

fire conditions.


This 100% polyolefin fabric has low static properties and will not mildew, rot or support

growth of bacteria and is non-allergenic. Echotex panel fabric exceeds 250,000 double

rubs using the Wyzenbeek Abrasion Method.


Echotex panel fabric is easy to clean. Use traditional celaning methods: i.e. washing,

wiping, brushing, vacuuming. For water based stains use water based cleaning agents.

For oil based stains use solvent cleaner.

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