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6500U - Green
6510U - Black

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Moduflex® Model 420
Moduflex® Model 810MD
Moduflex® Model 510MD
Moduflex® Model 520
Moduflex® Model 510PP
Moduflex® Model 540
Moduflex® Model 410PP
Moduflex® Model 410MD
Moduflex® Model 810MD
Moduflex® Model 810PP
Moduflex® Model 840GWE
Moduflex® Series 400
Moduflex® Series 600
Moduflex® Series 800
Moduflex® Model 610MD
Moduflex® Model 610PP
Moduflex® Model 620
Moduflex® Model 640
Moduflex® Model 820
Moduflex® Model 840
PrimeSpacer® Model 350
PrimeSpacer® Model 360
PrimeSpacer® Series 300


P3ceramicsteel® surface

Ultra Matte Chalkboard By Alliance


Alliance P3ceramicsteel® surface represents a revolution in ceramicsteel technology,

and PolyVision's third generation of ceramicsteel writing surfaces. For over five decades,

millions of writing boards have been produced around the world for the education and

office sectors using Alliance ceramicsteel. PolyVision has used this wide cross-section

of consumers to gather information to help determine what the next generation of writing

surfaces should provide. Our internationally renown R&D team worked with experts in

the field of ceramics and steel technology to create P3ceramicsteel surface. This innovative

ceramic on steel writing surface finish is rapidly becoming the new industry standard.


The P3ceramicsteel surface maximizes the performance of reflected light and reduces

surface glare, resulting in improved visibility under a wide rage of lighting conditions.


Orange peel has been reduced by 44% in the P3ceramicsteel surface.


Superior, low gloss, matte finishe readily accepts chalk providing a sharp, unbroken line with less pressure and maximum surface adherence.


Contrast/waviness for chalkboards (light and dark effects) shall be no greater than 20

when tested with the contrast measurement test with 773-gram load on chalk.

Resolution (visual acuity) shall be based on 3 lines per degree and be visibly maintained

beyond the current standard of 3 meters.


Erases easily with a dry cloth or standard chalk eraser, retains minimal residual chalk dust, and will not leave "ghost writing". Color change (dark/light) after chalk erasing is reduced 60% from traditional surfaces. The ultra-smooth finish enables chalk to glide easily across the P3ceramicsteel surfaces with minimal friction. The surface smoothness allows more chalk to be removed, improving erasability and eliminating "ghost writing."



WET Ghost measurements on chalkboard surfaces before and after wet cleaning shall not exceed a factor of 0.49. For further care and cleaning instructions, refer to the website.


Vitrified glass-hard ceramic surface fused to light-guage enameling grade steel at approxi-

mately 1250 degrees F. High resistance to impact damage, abrasion, scratching, and

color fading. The Alliance surface registers a 5 on the revised Mohs hardness scale.


The P3ceramicsteel surfaces are ideal for all magnets and magnetic impregnated materials

and will not be scratched or damaged from the contact.


The P3ceramicsteel surface is 100% non-combustible.


The P3ceramicsteel finish will consist of a specially formulated glass substance applied by

machine. Base metal will be coiled enamneling steel of an alloy suitable for the application

of architectural porcelain employing a continuous coil process. Base metal will be properly

pre-cleaned and treated, to assure complete bond between the steel and the subsequent

ceramic coatings. Both surfaces of steel based metal will receive a ground coat of ceramic

frit to be fused by a firing operation used exclusively for ground coat application to prevent

contamination. A color cover coat of ceramic frit will be applied to one surface of the ground

coat and fused by a firing operation used exclusively for color application. All ceramic

coatings will be machine applied with automated equipment for maximum finish uniformity.

Firing temperature will be approximately 1500 degrees F. The gloss of writing surfaces will

not increase by more than three units when subjected to wearability tests specified in testing

procedures for 30 hours (approximately 126,000 strokes).


PolyVision is the only company that warrants specific visual communication products and

surfaces for as long as they are installed and in use, or forever, whichever occurs first.

This warranty is unconditional under normal usage. If the surface fails, PolyVision agrees

to repair or replace the ceramicsteel writing surface, no questions asked.

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