Panelfold Technical Data

Product technical data is available for all models. Click on the product category below or on the navigation menu above to find a product model's technical data. On each model's technical page you may return to the overview page by clicking "product overview" in the left navigation menu.

Product technical data includes specifications in read only and editable RTF versions; CAD drawings in both .dwg and .dxf file formats; installation instructions, test data (flame spread, Sound Transmission Class (STC), etc.); CSI SpecData and Manuspec, product briefs in PDF format and other helpful resources.

A PDF reader is required to view and print the PDF files on this website. Download the latest free Adobe Reader here.

An Autodesk viewer is required to view and print the DWG and DXF files on thie website. Download the latest DWG True View for opening (.dwg) files or Design Review for opening (.dxf) files here.

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   Moduflex® Series 800



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