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Sonicwal /1212® Technical Data

Operating Features
Sonicwal/1212® , with twin 12" (305) wide laminated wood panels, feature Memory Action® vinyl hinges, aluminum track, ball-bearing wheels, positive latches, and jamb moulds.
Product Configuration
Operation Available
Manual or Electric
Sound Transmission Classes (STC) Available
Click for test data: STC 50. STC 47. STC 45. STC 39.
Maximum Opening Width
50' - 8" (15443mm) Single; 101' - 4" (30886mm) Double
Maximum Opening Height
18' - 1" (5512mm)
Panel Finishes
A full range of vinyl, wood veneers, wall carpet, panel fabric and high pressure laminates is offered. Color selectors are available.
Eco-Friendly Product
Sonicwal/1212 helps projects achieve LEED Green Building certification points. Click here for Panelfold's Environmental Sustainability Report
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