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Moduflex® Model 620 Technical Data

Operation Manually Operated
Panel Configuration & Stacking Paired panel, center stack, straight line runs

Sound Transmission Class (STC) & Appx Panel Weights

  • STC 52 Steel Faced Panels, 8.1 Lbs/Ft2 (39.5 Kg/m2)
  • STC 52 Gypsum or MDF Faced Panels, 7.5 Lbs/Ft2 (36.6 Kg/m2)
  • STC 49 Steel Faced Panels, 7.3 Lb/Ft2 (35.6 Kg/m2)
  • STC 49 Gypsum or MDF Faced Panels, 6.6 Lb/Ft2 (32.2 Kg/m2)
  • Top Seals Sweepseals standard, clearance-type Autoseals or Manuseals optional
    Bottom Seals Clearance-type Autoseals standard, clearance-type Manuseals or sweepseals optional
    Final Closure Available with jamb-hinged single, communicating, or bi-fold panel(s); expandable panel wall-to-wall, expandable panel seal to pocket door; and trail panel seal through pocket door or double door with pocket slot closures
    Panel Thickness 4 1/4" (108mm)

    Framing & Substrate

    Standard pin-tackable gypsum board (or optional MDF or steel over gypsum board) faces machine bonded to heavy duty steel-gusseted inner frames and reinforced with full height protective formed steel framing astragals on both vertical edges of all panels


    Gusseted, welded and reinforced top frame carrier bolt support
    Track & Carriers
  • Type 7/8 Pre-Programmed heavy-duty white aluminum track with quiet, smooth rolling steel ball bearing carriers with nylon or steel wheels
  • Type 5 Pre-Programmed 7 gauge high-yield steel track with smooth rolling radial-type steel ball-bearing wheels
  • Click here for track assembly details
  • Maximum Ceiling Height 20' 3" (6172mm)
    Panel Edges Sheer Look® wrap around panel faces and bronze finish deep nesting universally interlocking panel edges made of steel for extra impact strength and fire resistance; optional protective edge-of-face trim available
    Surfacing Materials Wide selection of standard vinyls, fabrics, carpets, wood veneers and laminates, or a material of your own
    Fire Ratings Non-combustible panel construction with Class "A" flame spread rating. Click here for Flame Spread Test Data
    Eco-Friendly Product Helps projects achieve LEED certification points. Click here for Panelfold's Environmental Sustainability Report
    Pass Doors Single and Double pass doors are of the same thickness and acoustical construction as the panels in which they reside, and may be specified with self-illuminated exit signs, Autoclosers, key locks, push plates, panic hardware and windows
    Pocket Doors Single, Double, Bi-Fold, 3-Section and Double w/ Slot Closure pocket doors available. Click here for Pocket Doors Technical Brief
    Other Options
  • Full and partial height chalkboard, markerboard, projection and tackable cork work-surfaces
  • Full and partial height windows glazed with Lexan, Plexiglass, or unglazed
  • Joining and intersecting walls with complex layouts
  • Other Information
  • Click here for everything you wanted to hear about sound but were afraid to ask
  • Click here for Track Deflection Allowance data
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