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    Product Features

  • Strong, Laminated 6" Wide, 9/16" Thick Wood Core Panels
  • Full-Height, Memory Action® Dual-Wall Vinyl Hinges
  • Wood Veneer, Vinyl or Decorative High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Surfacing
  • Decorative Aluminum Track
  • Double Ball-Bearing Wheels
  • Touch-Bar® Automatic Latches and Jamb Mould
  • Heights to 10' 1"

Scale/6® wood folding doors divide spaces economically. The durability of Scale/6 wood construction combined with its proven performance and clean, simple design, assure rugged dependability in residential, commercial, and institutional interiors.

Did You Know...?

  • There is almost no limit to the ways in which Panelfold folding doors can be used to create extra rooms and private spaces. Close off a dining or kitchen area during or after dinner. Separate a TV or home theater area from adjacent living quarters. Create a den or home library. Separate a dressing or sitting area from the sleeping area in a master bedroom. Subdivide a garage or basement into separate workshop, laundry, storage and play areas. When it comes to Panelfold folding doors, let your imagination be your guide.

Available Colors/Patterns
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