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Scale/6® Decorative Accents™

    Product Features

  • Strong, Laminated 6" Wide, 9/16" Thick Wood Core Panels
  • Full-Height, Memory Action® Dual-Wall Vinyl Hinges
  • Carved Detailing or Decorative Inserts
  • Wood Veneer, Vinyl or Decorative High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Surfacing
  • Decorative Aluminum Track
  • Double Ball-Bearing Wheels
  • Touch-Bar® Automatic Latches and Jamb Mould
  • Heights to 10' 1"

The Scale/6® Decorative Accents door offers an extra touch of design for the discriminating designer. A single room may achieve a variety of looks from the many detailing options available with Scale/6D. Choose between clear lacquer or walnutone carved panels, open woven inserts, and closed woven inserts. Choose between our clear or amber "cracked ice" inserts, our transparent inserts, and our mirrored inserts. And, as always, accent your room and your chosen insert with the perfect color and material from among our many surfacing options.

Did You Know...?

  • There is almost no limit to the ways in which Panelfold Scale/6 doors can be used to create extra rooms and private spaces. Close off a dining or kitchen area during or after dinner. Separate a TV or home theater area from adjacent living quarters. Create a den or home library. Separate a dressing or sitting area from the sleeping area in a master bedroom. Subdivide a garage or basement into separate workshop, laundry, storage and play areas. Let your imagination be your guide.

Available Colors/Patterns
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