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PrimeSpacer® Series 300

    Product Features

PrimeSpacer® Series 300 relocatable/portable walls with three inch (76mm) thick panels for general purpose applications have high density panel faces which are machine laminated to metal frames providing the strength, mass and stability required.


PrimeSpacer® Series 300 floor supported, relocatable/portable walls, are offered in two models. Model 350 self-contained instantly portable panels are set in place like furniture; releasing the top spring-bias mechanism engages the panel against the ceiling. Model 360 factory assembled panels are retained by ceiling and jamb channels. A full range of options, including pass-doors, self-illuminated exit signs, partial height and full height windows, and chalk, marker and tackable surfaces may be specified.


PrimeSpacer® Series 300 relocatable/portable walls feature Sheer Look® panel edges without trim to minimize vertical panel joints. A wide range of surfacing materials is available including wood veneers, plastic laminates, Ribtex® vertical rib wall carpet, Startex® solid color, Fabrictex® fabric textured and Ropetex® rope textured vinyl, Woventex® and Maharam Tex-wall® 1000 panel fabrics and Woodtex® wood grain vinyls, as well as virtually any specified wall covering including Customer's Own Material.


PrimeSpacer® Series 300 relocatable/portable walls have attained independent laboratory acoustical ratings of STC 42 and STC 38. Panels have continuous vertical and horizontal acoustical seals that are carefully aligned and placed in a double row labyrinth for optimum acoustical performance.


Full height, non-combustible, high density faces are machine pressure laminated to one-piece, unspliced metal frames. Bronze finish, deep-nesting, interlocking vertical panel edges and horizontal operable seals are made of steel for extra impact strength and fire resistance.

Available Colors/Patterns
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