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Moduflex® Series 500

    Product Features

Moduflex® Series 500 3 1/4" (82mm) thick steel operable walls are designed for the most demanding performance criteria. Durable steel panel faces are welded to 16-guage steel frames in a unibody construction.

The following lists some common features and available operations of Series 500 operable walls. Click on the highlighted model above or below for detailed features for that model:

  • Walls available to 28' (8535mm) high.
  • Acoustically rated to Sound Transmission Class (STC) 52.
  • Class A flame spread rating.
  • Standard Sheer Look® wrap-around panel edges.
  • Optional additional protective edge-of-face trim available for those customers who prefer extra edge protection.
  • Strong, protective, universally interlocking framing astragals on both panel edges of every model made of steel for extra impact strength.
  • Astragals are self-mating, deep-nesting, labyrinth-style with sound seals spaced far apart for optimum acoustical performance.
  • Continuous horizontal top and bottom seals.
  • Quiet, smoooth, aluminum track systems with integral metal soffits.
  • Solid, sturdy, acoustically-tight, adjustable pass doors.
  • All panels are unitized for torsional rigidity and acoustical tightness.
  • Electric operation with SafetyFlex™ safety devices.
Pre-Programmed Panels
Multi-Directional Panels
Model 510 PP
Pre-ProgrammedTM Individual Panels
Model 510 MD
Multi-Directional Individual Panels
Paired Panels
Continuously-Hinged Panels
Model 520
Paired Panels, Straight-Line Openings
Model 540
Continuously-Hinged Panels, Manually or Electrically Operated, Straight-Line Openings

Available Colors/Patterns
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